"Flattr"y is a weed...

A lot of people hate weeds.  In all of my nature loving research, I've personally come to the conclusion that many weeds are simply free food or medicine that we are too ignorant to eat or use. Did you know dandelions are wonderfully medicinal, rich in vitamins, and you can eat every part of it?  That however is a different thought train.  Today, I'm going with the mainstream sentiment of weeds...  GO AWAY.

Should artists have to PAY TO PLAY?

Hi guys!  I've decided I need to start a little blog section on this site for posts about life as an indie artist.  I won't have a LOT of time for these posts, so they'll mostly be short.  Today I am prompted by the recent discovery that Jango radio actually CHARGES THE ARTISTS MONEY to play their music.  If you're an artist, you access your profile through radioairplay.com.  I'm not going to link to it because I don't want to elevate their google rank.