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Do you like to REMIX?  Download stems of Worldwide Groove Corporation releases for FREE! Simply join our mailing list by clicking BECOME A FAN on our Reverb Nation profile, and you will be able to grab the stems from the music player for free.  IMPORTANT:  The stems are ALL the way at the bottom of the list.   These are mp3 files.  If you desire .wav files you can purchase them on our Bandcamp page.   [Please always credit WGC when you post your remix online, and don't sell what you've done.  And a link back is always appreciated! Thanks!]

So far we have stems for:
COME TO ME - 90bpm [released July 2014]
KISS ME SLOW - 72bpm [released August 2014]
THE LEGEND OF THE FALL - 66bpm [released September 2014]
GLITTER & BLISS - 84.5bpm [released January 2015]

REMEMBER:  The stems are ALL the way at the bottom of the song list. We may not always include ALL available stems on Reverb Nation. But whatever is there will be free once you join the fan list.  If you want ALL of the stems check out the Band Camp link below.