Ellen Tift

Ellen Tift

Ellen Tift is a complex multi-faceted woman who defies stereotypes, and this comes through quite clearly in her music.  Her quirky humor is the driving force behind WGC's releases like "Fever [More Cowbell Mix]" and "Supermodel Astronaut", and yet she is also responsible for WGC's darker lyrical moments in songs like "Come to Me" and "The Legend of the Fall"  Ever the emotional chameleon, Ellen is expanding the envelope of what constitutes a WGC release, and sincerely hopes their audience will come along for the ride.  "Life is complex, and we need music that goes along with all of it, from mindless silliness to epic devastation. As an artist and songwriter, I incorporate emotions from all across the spectrum into my music.  I find it not only therapeutic, but necessary."

Ellen has a Bachelor of Music degree in commercial music with an emphasis in composition and arranging from Belmont University, and a Master of Music degree from the exclusive Media Writing and Production program at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL where she focused on the craft of composing, music programming and advanced orchestration and arranging techniques.  Since graduating, she has put down roots in Nashville and kept herself busy in the music industry as a songwriter, string arranger, producer and singer,  as well as teaching for Belmont University School of music, where she is a member of the commercial composition adjunct faculty. 

Ellen was nationally recognized for her talents in the 8th Billboard Song contest jazz category, where her original big band song "Anyway" captured 3rd place. She is equally polished at composing string arrangements, as is evident on Third Day's "Christmas Offerings" album [Essential Records]. And Ellen's unique production and arranging approach caught the attention of the organizers of the Belluard Bollwerk International festival in Switzerland where they presented and discussed 3 of her works with festival attendees. Additionally, Ellen made her TV debut in February of 2004 as a professional songwriter for the pilot of CMT’s show “Score”. 

In 2016, Ellen founded the music group "Legendary Zeroes" and began producing hip hop/rap tracks with tongue in cheek lyrics and big personalities. In 2017 Ellen also founded the “Adorable Freaks”, a sassy chick rock project. When Ellen is not immersed in her work and writing her blog, she can often be found doing improv comedy shows, acting in indie films, writing sketch comedy, gardening, home schooling her child, and educating others about the dangers of eating genetically modified foods.

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Interesting facts: 

  • Ellen was born with a cleft palate which got repaired when she was 3.

  • Ellen lived in Nagasaki, Japan for one year when she was in the 1st grade and went to an all Japanese school.

  • Ellen once accidentally stepped on Michael Jackson's foot and her school newspaper wrote an article about it.

Ellen's musical influences include [but don't end with]: 

  • Sia

  • Ella Fitzgerald

  • Imogen Heap

  • Sade

  • Kimbra

  • Sting

  • Seal

  • Kirsty Hawkshaw

  • Emilîana Torrini

  • Nichole Nordeman

  • Paul Oakenfold

  • Beck

  • Coldplay

  • Garbage

  • Glenn Miller

  • Nat King Cole

  • Michael Jackson

  • Fiona Apple

  • Far East Movement

  • Sheryl Crow

  • Gotan Project

  • Katy Perry

  • Gwen Stefani

  • Abba

  • Esquivel

  • Henry Mancini

  • Janet Jackson

  • Sweetback

  • Frank Sinatra

  • Trifonic

  • Eurythmics

  • Stevie Wonder

  • Aretha Franklin

  • Morcheeba

  • Bombay Dub Orchestra

  • Paul Schwartz

  • Justin Timberlake

  • Deeelite

  • Buena Vista Social Club

  • George Gershwin

  • Adele

  • John Williams

  • James Newton Howard

  • Rachmaninov

  • Tchaikovsky

  • Joni Mitchell

  • U2

  • Duran Duran

  • Bitter:Sweet