Legendary Zeroes "Cha-Ching" review on Jamsphere.

"Whilst being a totally new group, in the form of this collective, the Legendary Zeroes drop rhymes and beats like many veterans out there. They sound like they’re ready to bring the world a true crossover style of hip hop and EDM."

Jamsphere Magazine reviewed "Cha-Ching" by Legendary Zeroes, Ellen's new musical venture.

IndieBandGuru.com Reviews Year of the Groove

"When we first heard of the The Worldwide Groove Corporation’s plan to release a new original song every month for a year we were somewhat skeptical if it could be done and would churn out interesting music.  It was a large undertaking especially considering this was a side project from a duo that runs a music production business with many clients.  We are pleased to announce that it has been done and the music is phenomenal." Read more...

Tilting Windmill Studios Reviews "Make Me Free"

"...the release closes out with the ‘Sweet Jasmine Acoustic’ mix. By far, this is the best version of the song. It’s poignant, haunting, and makes the lead vocals jump out of the mix..." Read more...

Glitter & Stilettos Reviews "Make Me Free"

"Demonstrating their diverse musical background and expertise, Worldwide Groove Corporation captures the essence of good vibrations, delivering addicting music that transcends time."  Read more...

Sleeping Bag Studios Reviews "Human"

"... I don’t know about mustard seeds coming into any other song I’ve ever heard, but for some odd reason this really managed to create the visuals!" Read more...

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Glitter & Stilettos Reviews Until I Have You

"The song is wildly original and extremely modern, leaping outside the boundaries of popular music with striking innovation. “Until I Have You” places you in the scene of a 007 film much like Adele’s 2012 “Skyfall”."