Standard Chill - Album

by Worldwide Groove Corporation

Original release: February 2015

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"Standard Chill" is a collection of electronic chillout reconstructions of jazz standards that Worldwide Groove Corporation have released over the past decade. Worldwide Groove Corporation built their name as artists on their well loved electronic reconstructions of long standing jazz standards when they released their Chillodesiac Lounge album in 2007 and a series of singles in the years following. Find all but one of these cover tunes finally together on this one project. People who love the old jazz standards will appreciate this fresh approach, and people who just love a vibey backdrop for cocktails with friends will love this collection as well.

Featured vocalists on Standard Chill are Daniella Mason, Fleming McWilliams, Kenya Evelyn, Ingrid DuMosch, Missi Hale, and Melinda Doolittle.