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How to keep your songs from all sounding the same.

How to keep your songs from all sounding the same.

What if you have to write several uniquely different songs in a short period of time? How do you keep them from all sounding too similar? How do you create contrast from one song to the next? Ellen Tift talks about various songwriting techniques to keep things interesting.

From the vault... Sassy Big Band - 20th Anniversary Edition

As this spring semester comes to an end, and I go through the process of helping my graduate students have their charts played by the university big band, and get ready to do their culminating projects [like a thesis], I started reminiscing about the big band chart I didfor my master's project when I was in graduate school.  I am just now realizing that it's exactly 20 years ago since I recorded this, so it seemed like a good time to post and share it for nostalgia. Also I feel really old...

The Story Behind "It's You I Love"

This month's release was one of our "in case of emergency, break glass" releases for the Year of the Groove.  We had planned to put out a song I wrote called "Human" this month, but after talking about the promotional angles, we decided to wait on that one until we could properly line things up and not rush. So, we pulled out this track that was never officially released, polished up the mix, mastered it, and sent it through the pipeline.  It would have been released eventually on an EP I've got planned in my head, but I'm excited it's out there now because I actually really love this track and I'm glad to be able to talk about how it came about.