Dear Vera Wang, Find New Models Please! #SupermodelAstronaut @VeraWangGang

I was waiting to see something on YouTube and this Vera Wang advertisement came up. For a few seconds, I was mindlessly waiting for the "skip ad" button to pop up, and then my brain got hijacked at the alarming selection of models they used in this ad. I couldn't stop watching, but not because of the beautiful dresses. You watch the video above and tell me what you see.  Go ahead, I'll wait...

Moms and non-Moms both: Supermodel Astronauts!

Last October our Year of the Groove release was the electropop song Supermodel Astronaut. At the time I'd posted my Supermodel Astronaut Manifesto blog entry, but at the advice of someone close to me, I ended up taking it down when we got Huffington Post coverage for the Supermodel Astronaut Challenge. I couldn't predict where the media would take it, and I didn't want my words to be misconstrued and scrutinized, and sometimes you just don't know how other people will perceive things. But now that the spotlight's not shining so brightly on this, I want my words to live because I believe that women being hard on themselves is just a reflection of how culture can be hard on females in general.