Stop! THIEF!! This is worse than piracy.

There are certain aspects of being an indie artist that I can't think about too much or I'll end up with an ulcer. Today I'm going to share one of these issues with you, simply because I don't think people realize it happens. But it does. And as someone who is not under the umbrella of a record label, and would need to pay out of pocket for attorneys, we end up just taking it up the rear and trying to move on.

I was promoting our new instrumental release today when I got a reminder of a long standing violation of intellectual property which is still coming back to bite me. What am I talking about? Well, I'll tell you what I'm NOT talking about...

Does Tidal actually pay more than Spotify to artists for digital distribution?

Tidal is the new digital music platform on the scene, owned by a hand full of A list music artists, and their claim was that since it was artist owned, they were going to pay artist better than the other platforms. Due to the turn around time on receiving payments for music streams, I'm just now seeing the numbers on what the actual payout rate is.  First, let's see what's been posted about Tidal...

"Year of the Groove" juicy details, credits, liner notes & more!

We just completed our "Year of the Groove", where we put out one music release a month for a year, starting July 19, 2014. Let's look back at the last 12 months and see what it all amounted to. We'll tell who did what, what we spent money on, what we spent time on, and what we have to show for it.

How much is music worth? See our royalty statement.

If you found out that you had gotten over 72K plays in a 3 month period for music you had released 7 years ago, you'd think that was pretty good, right? 

I'm going to do this from time to time just so people can see what streaming music pays the songwriters.  Here is one section of our first quarter royalty statement from 2014, it covers 3 months.  Based on this section of the statement, 72,098 plays paid $4.82*. That is .00006685 cents PER PLAY.

"Flattr"y is a weed...

A lot of people hate weeds.  In all of my nature loving research, I've personally come to the conclusion that many weeds are simply free food or medicine that we are too ignorant to eat or use. Did you know dandelions are wonderfully medicinal, rich in vitamins, and you can eat every part of it?  That however is a different thought train.  Today, I'm going with the mainstream sentiment of weeds...  GO AWAY.