Would Taylor Swift be more popular if she sang like Jesse J?

So I had another dream where I'm BFFs with Taylor Swift again last night.  This is the third time that I can remember.  My friend Meg says she's had the same dream multiple times. I have not had that dream about any other celeb.  One time I did dream I kissed Sean Connery and another time I dreamed Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts came to one of my classes, but I'm getting off track...

When junior high goes on forever... and it leads to war.

We're working with a publicist now, did you know that?  Yes... it's only been a few weeks and we're all still finding our legs.  She throws out ideas and some of them "take" and others fall by the wayside.  It was one such idea that led me down a path I would never have traveled, the path about which I will write today.