supermodel astronaut

Supermodel Astronaut Challenge Video From Thunder Bay!

A group of women in Thunder Bay did their own Supermodel Astronaut video. How about that!?

"Welcome to the SUPERMODEL ASTRONAUT CHALLENGE!" This video was created by Jessie Plain. It's our response to Worldwide Groove Corporation's Supermodel Astronaut Challenge! Here is the full pledge: I PLEDGE TO EMBRACE THE TRUTH THAT I AM ENOUGH.

The first Supermodel Astronaut spinoff video!

We are so honored and amazed that Robyn Baker, owner of Asteya Fitness in Irvine, CA has made her own Supermodel Astronaut video!  Please check it out and give her some love on YouTube with a thumbs up.

This video is about being a Supermodel Astronaut! It is about believing that you are enough. Check out the original video at this youtube address: Learn how you can take the Supermodel Astronaut challenge Here: AND... check out Asteya Fitness at: #iamenough !!!