Supermodel Astronaut Challenge Video From Thunder Bay!

A group of women in Thunder Bay did their own Supermodel Astronaut video. How about that!?

"Welcome to the SUPERMODEL ASTRONAUT CHALLENGE!" This video was created by Jessie Plain. It's our response to Worldwide Groove Corporation's Supermodel Astronaut Challenge! Here is the full pledge: I PLEDGE TO EMBRACE THE TRUTH THAT I AM ENOUGH.

Most Memorable & Entertaining Song Contest Entries

Back in 2005, Worldwide Groove Corporation spearheaded a song contest bringing in 555 song entries.  Ellen and Kurt personally critiqued each song for the first tier of judging, and in the process, they created a folder of the most colorful songs that were submitted to the contest. These songs did not win or get honorable mentions.  But their distinctive lyrics, production techniques, and/or vocal performances made them stand out and [after stumbling across them on an old hard drive] we felt it was worth sharing them here. Unfortunately, the names of the artists/songwriters was not saved in the mp3 file name, so all we have are song titles. These are in no particular order.

Just in time for Valentine's Day... This was the one that stayed with us long after the contest was over...

She really loves Oprah...

He sounds like a great dog...

She's actually got some good chord changes going on in this song...

This one is 9 1/2 minutes long. 

"I want to sing as high as the rainbow..."

Well constructed silly song.

"... but in the end I'll see you DEAD."

We hope you enjoyed these songs as much as we did. :-)







Awesome video of hornets grooving to "Flow" by Mark in Denmark

Mark B. in Denmark took it upon himself to edit this cool footage of aircraft doing their thing to our "Flow" track. We love it!  Check it out!

Hornets grooving to Flow The song is the title track of the Flow EP available now! iTunes Amazon Bandcamp Follow and Like WGC on Facebook - Website YouTube channel

The first Supermodel Astronaut spinoff video!

We are so honored and amazed that Robyn Baker, owner of Asteya Fitness in Irvine, CA has made her own Supermodel Astronaut video!  Please check it out and give her some love on YouTube with a thumbs up.

This video is about being a Supermodel Astronaut! It is about believing that you are enough. Check out the original video at this youtube address: Learn how you can take the Supermodel Astronaut challenge Here: AND... check out Asteya Fitness at: #iamenough !!!

Ellen in ink and watercolor...

Delcar, the artist from Argentina who did the stained glass looking treatment of our Come to Me artwork, has now done this beautiful image of Ellen in ink and watercolor.  We love it!  Thank you, Delcar!!

Belly dancing to WGC's remix of Ring of Fire

A woman named Sara from Kansas City chose our chill remix of Johnny Cash's legendary song Ring of Fire as her song at this performance.  We are delighted to see this music find an audience like this.  Who knew?!

Sara performs to "Ring of Fire (Chill Remix)" by Worldwide Groove Corp. at the 2012 Fringe Festival held in Kansas City, MO at the Bolinder Center on July 23rd.

Russian woman dances to Midnight in Venice.

It truly does blow our minds to see people in such far away places choose our music for their videos.  We are honored.

Uploaded by Etldance on 2012-01-28.

Vietnamese Michael Jackson impersonator dances to Freak the Beat.

Tu Michael is his name and he lives in Vietnam.  He is a professional Michael Jackson impersonator and talented "moon dancer".  We are honored to have this video of him dancing to our song "Freak the Beat".