Worldwide Groove Corp work with EDM Producer Portarius on Upcoming Release

For the final release in the Year of the Groove, Worldwide Groove Corporation are bringing in the talents of EDM producer Portarius on one of the tracks.  WGC were first introduced to Portarius' excellent talent through is winning remix of Kimbra's song "Settle Down".

Click the image below to read the full press release.

"Love Is the New Rich" now on BandCamp!

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of its release on the "For Nashville: For Haiti" benefit compilation, WGC have put their EDM song "Love Is The New Rich" on BandCamp to make it available for digital purchase.  Check it out!

Worldwide Groove Corp get vocal about GMO vote on Tuesday...

After the release of their dystopian dubstep song "The Legend of the Fall", Worldwide Groove Corporation teamed up with Oregon Right to Know and Right to Know Colorado to get the word out about state ballot initiatives to label genetically modified foods in the mainstream food supply.  Here is the press release:

WGC Partner with Oregon Right to Know for labeling of GMOs

Following the release of their song "The Legend of the Fall", Worldwide Groove Corporation are very happy to be lending their talents to promote the message of the Oregon Right to Know organization and their work toward legislating the mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods.  Check out some of the promotional materials.

Worldwide Groove Corporation have teamed up with Oregon Right to Know to further promote the important message of the labeling of genetically modified foods. We say NO GMOs! But if they MUST be in the food supply, please label them! #oregonrighttoknow #yeson92 #LabelGMOs #food #righttoknow #GMOs