Daydream CD by Worldwide Groove Corp now available!

Get it while it's hot, here it is on a physical CD, all of the songs from the Flow EP + jazz standard reconstructions + the steamy original "Kiss Me Slow". This is what you need for your next date night, am'maright!? Get it on Bandcamp or Amazon. Or go digital on iTunes.

Fabulation Records

"Instrumental Chill" now on iTunes & Spotify!

Worldwide Groove Corporation's most recent instrumental release has made its way through the digital pipeline. Over 100 minutes of music perfect for work or socializing. Check it out on Spotify and iTunes!

"Love Is the New Rich" now on BandCamp!

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of its release on the "For Nashville: For Haiti" benefit compilation, WGC have put their EDM song "Love Is The New Rich" on BandCamp to make it available for digital purchase.  Check it out!

STANDARD CHILL now available on Band Camp!

Just in time for the Valentine playlist, WGC have put all [except one] of their electronic reconstructions of jazz standards in one place! https://wwgroovecorp.bandcamp.com/album/standard-chill

Glitter & Bliss now available on Bandcamp.

Worldwide Groove Corporation's 7th release in the Year of the Groove is OUT!  Find it first on Bandcamp.

Worldwide Groove Corp get vocal about GMO vote on Tuesday...

After the release of their dystopian dubstep song "The Legend of the Fall", Worldwide Groove Corporation teamed up with Oregon Right to Know and Right to Know Colorado to get the word out about state ballot initiatives to label genetically modified foods in the mainstream food supply.  Here is the press release:

The Year of the Groove running release now available

Thanks to a helpful suggestion from a person on our mailing list, we have now created a release on BandCamp that will feature the full version of each song released during the Year of the Groove.  We will keep updating it as we add more releases. Check it out!