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Lucid Sofa Session, vol. 2 features 5 tracks by Worldwide Groove Corporation

Worldwide Groove Corp have 5 chillout tracks on the 2016 compilation "Lucid Sofa Session, vol. 2" out of Berlin.

Worldwide Groove Corp have 9 tracks on new compilation "Sensual Loving Touch"

WGC are being heavily featured on the new compilation by Lucid Flow Records in Germany called "Sensual Loving Touch: Deep Healing Yoga Flow of Easy Listening Chillout Dub". Check it out!

Sunset Cafe Lounge Compilation Features 4 Tracks by Worldwide Groove Corporation

A European compilation called "Sunset Cafe Lounge - Soul Relaxing Jazzy Chill out Ambient, Deep Club House and Smooth Coffee Bar Music" has featured 4 tracks by WGC. Check it out!

"Tea House Dreams" compilation features 2 tracks by Worldwide Groove Corporation.

This 33 track compilation from Europe features two tracks by Worldwide Groove Corporation. Listen on Spotify, or find it on

Daydream CD by Worldwide Groove Corp now available!

Get it while it's hot, here it is on a physical CD, all of the songs from the Flow EP + jazz standard reconstructions + the steamy original "Kiss Me Slow". This is what you need for your next date night, am'maright!? Get it on Bandcamp or Amazon. Or go digital on iTunes.

Fabulation Records

"Lucid Moments, vol. 5" by Lucidflow Records features 3 tracks by Worldwide Groove Corp.

WGC have three tracks featured on a brand new chillout compilation released by Lucidflow Records in Germany on August 17th. Check it out...

Instrumental Chill vol. 1 & 2 CDs now available!

That's right, friends. Now you can hold them in your trembling, music loving hands! Soon these discs will be available on Amazon, but in the mean time, find them for purchase on Bandcamp.

"Underground Mystery Land" compilation features tracks by WGC.

A European record label has released "Underground Mystery Land - Berlin Dub Techno and Ibiza Del Mar Club House" featuring two tracks by Worldwide Groove Corporation, "Kiss Me Slow" and "Days of Summer". Now available on iTunes and Amazon. [p.s. If you'd like to financially support WGC, this is not the best way, as the money goes to the record label and  WGC only get a fraction a very long time after the fact.  The best way to support WGC is to purchase from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, or Band Camp. Thank you.]

Hypesense Music Blog

Hi friends!  We got a review from Hypesense Music Blog.  They called us the king and queen of electronic music.  I'll take it!!  CHECK IT OUT!