"Clubotomy" EP by Legendary Zeroes is OUT!

Ellen's been busy working with her Legendary Zeroes crew! Check out this EP she produced and co-wrote! Here are the places you can find this magnificent project...





Fabulation Records

Sea World's "Electric Ocean" features 3 songs by Worldwide Groove Corporation

This Summer, Worldwide Groove Corporation were part of the sound track for visitors of Sea World in Orlando, FL. Not only did Kurt of WGC compose and produce the entire musical piece to which the elaborate fireworks show was set, Ellen and Kurt wrote and produced a few songs to which dancers performed as part of the Electric Ocean event in the evenings.  These songs are now available on iTunes. Check it out!

Hypesense Music Blog

Hi friends!  We got a review from Hypesense Music Blog.  They called us the king and queen of electronic music.  I'll take it!!  CHECK IT OUT!

Stems for the Remixers...

Hello friends,

As we ponder our future releases, we've decided to release stems for remixes [when appropriate] with our songs!  WOOOO!!!  This means that we will sell tracks that are just the keyboard, just the bass, just the vocal etc.  So anyone who would like to do a remix of one of our tracks can just purchase the tracks like they would a song and go for it!  [Hopefully people will be decent and credit Worldwide Groove Corp in the name, and not sell it without our permission.] 

ALSO, we've decided to always release the instrumental track by itself with a new single, and when appropriate a karaoke version of the track as well. 

Can you think of anything else we should include on the release?  Send us a message and we will consider it!



To know when these stems are available or when we release new songs, join our mailing list.

It won't be long now...

We have two singles that are getting mastered [which is the final step] and will be released very soon!!!! Wooo!!!!

So... since we did all the music and production on these ourselves and own our own studio, all we will have paid for is mastering and registering them for digital distribution, a little over $150 per song. According to my royalty statements and calculations, that means we only need 5,250,000 plays on Pandora to break even...


That math is real, people.

#notexaggerating #sadreality #spotifyisworse #itunesisthebest

New Site!

Hello lovelies!  If you're reading this, then we love you for being here!  We are rolling out a new site in preparation for a series of new releases we are planning.  Since our Chillodesiac Lounge vol. 1 release in 2007 we've been slowly working on new music, but life and other music work has brought us to 2014!! ACK!!!  The good news is, we really do have a lot of music to release.  So, please if you haven't already... join our mailing list to be the first to know when new music is available like all the cool kids. IT WILL BE SOON.

And in the mean time, if you want an example of one of the jobs we do for other people, check out CMT's show "Inside Fame" for which we did the main theme and many of the bumpers. [Basically anything that isn't country is our music.]

We love you!